Sea turtle research
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Protecting sea turtles and their natural habitat

hub for Scientific research

As part of our mission to protect Guatemala’s coastal and marine ecosystems we offer the opportunity for universities and colleges, as well as independent researchers, to conduct scientific research and conservation projects at Estación Biológica el Banco.

You’ll have full use of our lab space and facilities, and our team can assist you with organising the logistics associated with your project to ensure its success.

current research projects

Indigo Expeditions

Reptile and amphibian specialists Indigo Expeditions, are leading our volunteer program to carry out monitoring of the adult populations of sea turtles at el Banco.

Universidad del Valle de guatemala

In collaboration with the University of South Eastern Norway, UVG are helping to monitor the nesting conditions on the beach and in the hatcheries of Tortugario el Banco.

Wildlife Conservation Society

WCS are leading an initiative to monitor migratory and resident birds on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala, to protect ecosystems and species in the region.

Ecology and conservation of Guatemala’s Pacific Coast

perfect venue for study

Estación Biológica el Banco is the perfect location to hold workshops and courses on the ecology and conservation of Guatemala’s Pacific Coast. With both inside and outside workspaces, we offer a dynamic learning environment for students and workshop participants.

With easy access to the beach, coastal wetlands, and of course the Tortugario el Banco, a wide range of ecological subjects can be covered.


Wildlife Conservation Society

Staff at the Estación el Banco attended a workshop on shore birds kindly given by WCS and received a diploma.


Nature tours

wildife tours

The surroundings of Estación Biológica el Banco enable nature tours to experience the wonders of Guatemala’s Pacific Coastal environments in comfort.

Great food, combined with comfortable rooms, make Estación Biológica el Banco the perfect base from which to explore the wildlife of the coastal wetlands, and of course the beach and Pacific Ocean.


SKUA Nature


University Students

Nesting ecology

Our conservation work is currently focused on monitoring the nesting ecology of olive ridley sea turtles at el Banco.


Through collaboration with academics our work at el Banco will contribute to the continued success of sea turtle conservation.

Universidad del Valle de guatemala

Visiting Researchers

We welcome visiting researchers to collaborate on ecology and conservation projects on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala.

University of South Eastern Norway

Directed by Phi Atratus
Sea Turtle Conservation Research in Guatemala
Tortugario El Banco (Spanish)
El Banco Turtle Hatchery (English Subtitles)

Sea Turtle Notes

Did you know?

Somewhere on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala you can find a small community called el Banco, where the volcanic sands on the beach provide ideal nesting conditions for three species of sea turtle, olive ridley, green and leatherback.

sea turtle facts

Olive ridleys are the smallest of the seven species of sea turtles, reaching a length of about 60 centimetres. They are found throughout the world’s tropical waters.

They are considered to be one of the most numerous sea turtle species, and are famous for congregating in huge numbers to nest.