Sea Turtle Expeditions at Estación Biológica el Banco
Sea turtle expeditions
Author: Rowland Griffin
Date: June 2, 2022

Sea Turtle Expeditions at Estación Biológica el Banco

Hi, everyone, its Rowland from Indigo Expeditions and I’m here on the Pacific coast of Guatemala at Estación Biológica el Banco and I want to tell you about a really exciting opportunity to come and join in and get involved with some amazing sea turtle work that’s being done down here on the Pacific coast.

Before I tell you more about that, I want to introduce you to the place where we’ll be staying, which is the amazing Estación Biológica el Banco. Let’s go and have a look.

The Estación Biológica el Banco is an amazing facility run by our partners Fundaselva in collaboration with the Tortugario el Banco, right next to the beach, and next to the hatcheries of the tortugario.

The balcony here at the station is amazing to watch wildlife from, not only for the birdlife that is found on the Pacific Coast, but also for whales.

Just as we’re talking now, three humpback whales are just passing along on their way to El Salvador and it’s the most amazing site. I can’t believe my luck.

Out here in the rancho, it’s the perfect place to unwind, soak up the atmosphere of the Pacific coast, and enjoy fresh coconut water.

So I’m just walking into tortugario number two, and early morning is a good time to come and see what’s happened overnight, what’s occurred in the hatcheries overnight, to check and see how many nests have hatched.

We normally have a good idea because it’s about 45 to 50 days of incubation here are two newly hatched Olive ridleys, and there they are. So we’ve got at least one nest that has hatched I’m going to check on the others in a little minute.

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