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Protecting sea turtles and their natural habitat

supporting conservation

By buying a dozen eggs or adopting a sea turtle you can help us carry out vital conservation work at Estación Biológica el Banco.

We prefer your donations to go further so we don’t send you out a gift. Of course you will receive an e-thankyou from us as we are very grateful for each and every donation we receive. Thank you!

Sea Turtle Adoption

$10 A dozen eggs

$25 olive ridley turtle

$100 Leatherback turtle

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Sea Turtle Adoption

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Thank you for your kind donation. You will be emailed details of how to make your bank transfer.

All donations are gratefully received and support conservation projects at Estación Biológica el Banco, Guatemala.

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Where does my donation go?

$10 a dozen eggs

$10 will buy a dozen sea turtle eggs from a member of the local community that has legally gathered them from a nest on the beach.

$25 olive ridley turtle

$25 will adopt an olive ridley turtle

$100 leatherback sea turtle

$100 will adopt a leatherback sea turtle


Flagship Turtle Species

Olive ridley


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