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Sea Turtle Life Cycle
Life Cycle

Sea Turtles

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In general, the life cycle of all sea turtles is similar, with just some small differences between the different species. 6 out of the 7 species of sea turtles in the world are at risk of extinction.


For over 25 years the community of el Banco have been protecting one of the most important nesting beaches for olive ridley sea turtles on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala.

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Females can lay between 80-100 eggs in a nest.


Sea turtle eggs incubate for about 40-45 days.

Ocean Life

It can be up to 10 years before females return to their beach.

Life cycle

The Sea Turtle Journey


Each year female sea turtles return to the beach where they hatched to lay 80-100 eggs in a nest.


Sea turtle eggs incubate for about 40-45 days before the baby sea turtles are ready to hatch.


It can take a baby sea turtle up to three days to dig its way to the surface of the beach.

Beach Journey

During their frantic run to the sea, baby sea turtles imprint onto the magnetic signature of the beach. This is how they find their way back to the nesting beach as adults.

ocean Life

Sea turtle nesting beaches are positioned so that the currents take the babies to the feeding grounds in the ocean where they will stay until they are mature.

Beach return

It can be up to 10 years before female sea turtles return to the nesting beaches as adults to breed, and the whole sea turtle life cycle starts again.

Sea Turtle

Life Cycle

Sea Turtle Conservation Gualemala Pacific Coast

Tortugario El Banco

Community Conservation

All year round, sea turtle eggs are laid on the beach at el Banco. Members of the community bring them to the tortugarios to be incubated as part of ongoing conservation efforts.

sea turtle releases

When they hatch, the baby sea turtles are released into the Pacific Ocean, to give them a fighting chance for survival. These events, a wonder of nature, are truly spectacular experiences.

Sea Turtle Release Video


Support Sea Turtle Conservation

Support our work

You can support our sea turtle conservation work at Estación Biológica el Banco by making a donation. All donations will go directly towards helping incubate sea turtle eggs at Tortugario el Banco and will help safeguard sea turtle populations for future generations.

sea turtle releases

Visit Estación Biológica el Banco and join a sea turtle release with the community and witness the magic for yourself. Sea turtle releases take place nearly every day of the year and form a large part of our conservation work in this part of the Pacific Coast of Guatemala.